Ruth John

Ruth John is an award nominated digital artist, web consultant, technical writer and keynote speaker, with 17 years of experience in the digital industry.

She's a Google Developer Expert, co-hosts a podcast and in her career has worked for companies such as o2 (Telefonica) and BSkyB, and clients such as the BBC, NBC, Cancer Research UK, Heineken and Channel 4 among others.

Ruth also belongs to the { Live : JS } collective, which brings audio and visual code to life, in live performances across the globe.



I am currently available for speaking engagements & freelance projects, so please get in touch
Front End Instructor for DevelopMe
Documentation for MDN docs: Helped update and write new demos for Mozilla's Developer Network Documentation. The most widely used developer docs on the internet.
VJ-OTG: VJ On The Go - Worked with Samsung Internet Team on an audio visualisation app for the Samsung S8 phone to demonstrate how diverse the Samsung Internet browser is.
Flourish Zone: Interactive Data Visualisation for React Native app, using d3

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Google Developer Expert
Recognised Google Developer Expert in web technologies, specifically creative coding and media apis.
{ Live : JS }
Co founder of the { Live : JS } network; a collective of artists who perform live audio/visual shows with JavaScript.
Generative Artistry Podcast
co host of the Generative Artistry Podcast

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Talks & Articles


Github Universe
A ten minute introduction to Web Audio.
Web Directions: Code 2020
Esacpe the box with Houdini: An introduction to CSS Houdini.


View Source London
Web Audio API
How to be A Web A/V Artist
Web Audio Conf
Opening Keynote

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I have time for work, speaking engagements and workshops this year. There's loads of upcoming tech I'm really excited about, send me an email and we'll talk!

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